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Around the Internet: Some advice and helpful stuff

Let's mix things up a little here. So far I've been writing my own thoughts about getting better as a web developer, but there's a lot of stuff out there as well from other people. It's always important to see other people's point of view about a certain topic.

So! Here are some stuff that I found around the Internet that I think will help you grow as a web developer. This isn't only for beginners, but for seasoned web devs as well. Let's keep on learnin'!

  • Advice to budding front-end developers

    Here you'll find tips on how to learn and how to grow as a web developer. Things like learning from other people and always looking ahead in the future for the next thing. This is a must-read.

  • Career FOMO

    I think this quote is particularly relevant right now: "FOMO when we’re choosing which specialization to work in, or which technology we’re going to use to build and design. This is particularly tough for front end developers because the skill set is extremely broad ..."

  • CSS is for developers

    Sometimes people think that CSS is unrelated to programming because it's "just styling." Good CSS is written by good programmers.

  • Learning to program doesn't happen by accident

    Web development is huge! There are different tools, frameworks, and languages that you need to learn. This article gives you tips on how you can learn the right way.

  • Creativity in Programming for Fun and Profit

    This one is just plain fun to watch if you work on CSS and JS!