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Volunteering at the Appalachian Trail

Volunteering in Georgia by Jag Talon on Exposure I happened to listen to this one episode of My Favorite Murder where they were talking about some dude who decapitated and ate his seatmate on the Greyhound bus in Canada. The next day, I rode the Greyhound for 16 hours straight from Philadelphia to Virginia. Good news: I'm not dead. So I've been planning for this "volunteercation" for a while now, and, even though I wasn't exactly looking forward to the long-ass bus ride, I was excited because this was a different kind of vacation for me. My vacations have often been about absorbing things: I usually go to museums, bars, and touristy sites when I go to a new place. I like doing all those things,

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Walking Around Valley Forge

The weather has been super nice this week (not cold at all!) and it's our annual meetup in Paoli, PA so I had the chance to walk around with some coworkers in Valley Forge. It was pretty damn nice! There's this trail where you have to go up to Mount Misery but it was a tiny little hill.

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Walking Around Philly

I’ve been sedentary most of my life. I hated sports at school, and now I sit behind a desk all day. Even though I’ve been powerlifting for a little over a year, I still didn’t like moving. Well, at least not outside the gym. I’ve recently been attending Kinstretch classes and listening to Movement Matters, so I thought that maybe I should be moving more (plus with some convincing from Stef). Also, did you see Wall-E? That shit does not look good. So! Yesterday I walked from Laurel Hill Cemetery (because why not?) to Franky Bradley’s (to get a beer and watch a show right after) Here are some photos! So if you sit all day, get off your ass and

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Podcast Q&As

People have asked me a few questions about Friends Talk Frontend, so I thought I'd collect them all here! Why start a podcast? I've been keeping a blog where I share my experiences in tech, and I thought that it would be so much better if I could also share other people's experiences. It's also an excuse to talk to people that I look up to. 😛 Where do you find people to interview? Most of the people that I interviewed (except for Alex Lash and Pam Selle, both of whom I know in real life) I've met (err, stalked?) through Twitter. Why do you only chat with women? I'm definitely going to be interviewing dudes in the near future, but when I started this I wanted

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The Devil is in the Details

We’re always struggling with how much stuff there is in our industry, and I’ve often recommended that we focus on a goal + learn on the job, be silly, steal, think small or give open source a shot. These are all ways to handle the challenges of dealing with technology fatigue. But maybe we’re not thinking about it right. What if we should we should be looking at the constant deluge of frameworks and tools differently? So I was listening to this audio book called Move Your DNA the other day, and I got to this part where she quotes Samuel Thayer in the book Nature's Garden: A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Edible Wild plants (I know, I’m quoting a book

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