Can't think of what to do next? Try to be silly.

Remember when we learned React together around 3 weeks ago? So I was thinking of doing stuff with React or else I'll forget about it if another day went by. I couldn't really think of an interesting side project that I could do in a few hours, so I thought that maybe I should just do whatever—anything really—just so that I get some practice with it.

So screw usefulness! I just wanted something on the screen. I don't know how the idea came to me, but through some machinations in my brain + a lot of tea somehow led me to the idea of doing emoji-rain but for Party Parrots.

I didn't know how it would go or what I would get out of it even, but I just did it. And it was fun!

Here it is in all its silly glory:

It doesn't do much (in fact, it does nothing at all to make society better 🙆‍♂️), but I got a lot out of it:

✅ I learned how to draw things on <canvas>
✅ I learned how to use requestAnimationFrame for the animations.
✅ I actually made a React component!
✅ I learned how to use Promises.

Did I already mention that it was fun too? What else? Not much ... I was just on the front page of motherfucking Codepen! I can die now.

So if you can't think of a project to do to practice and learn, try being silly! Try to remove that filter in your brain. Have fun!