March 26, 2018

Done traveling ... for now

I've been wanting to travel around the US since I moved here around 5 years ago. Maybe it's because I came from a country that's smaller than California, or maybe it's because my family doesn't travel very much. I don't know, but it took me a while before I actually got to do it. I often told myself that I need to wait for the right time—a vague future where I'm doing super well in life. But the real reason, of course, was that I was mostly terrified of change and being on my own.

So seven months ago my apartment lease ended, my car lease was done (South Philly parking was absolute shit), I wasn't dating anyone, and I was working remotely. So I set off to sell everything and travel around the US + visit friends and family in The Philippines.

I hiked a lot, ran into a bunch of trouble, dealt with constraints, and learned to be more calm.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from my visits to Colorado, Utah, Washington, California, Nevada, and The Philippines:

So now I'm headed back to Philly to look for an apartment and rest up. Next year I'd like to travel down to South America!

I know that traveling while working is a priviledged experience, and I feel bad about taking in experiences all the time and not giving back. Because of that, I plan on volunteering at a farm on my next vacation and teaching people in orgs like 826 Valencia. If you have any recommendations, hit me up!