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Don’t think of the Internet as your stage

We tend to think of the Internet as a sort of stage. As one friend told me, it’s like shouting out your window and hoping other people will shout back. This kind of thinking is also enforced on the boxes on social media:

Because of this way of thinking, we’re afraid of making mistakes online. Who wants to make a mistake on their recital in front of hundreds—even thousands—of people? Nobody.

Which is why a better way to think about the cyber and the Interweb highway is to think of it as a way to connect to people and to learn from them. It’s huge forum for sharing ideas. I know this is not a brand new way of using the Internet, but we often forget. I know I do.

So this is a reminder that the Internet is not your stage. It’s a place for learning and collaborating. Ask questions on Twitter. Post on Reddit. Answer on StackOverflow.

Talk to people.

If you're going to be a web developer or even if you are one, learning from other people is priceless. There's always stuff to learn and there are always people willing to help!