November 30, 2018

Friends Talk Frontend: Vaidehi Joshi

Friends Talk Frontend: Vaidehi Joshi

Episode #29 of Friends Talk Frontend is out! We talked to Vaidehi Joshi about her year-long project called basecs—it's where she learned about the basics of computer science, every Monday, for a whole year.

What amazed me is her grit and persistence in learning. She said that she worked almost every day of the week, working on a topic, chipping away at the concepts involved, and making that into a tutorial. That also includes the work that she put in to make the concepts easier to digest with her wonderful visualizations.

A visualization showing memory allocation in static versus dynamic data structures.

She mentioned how learning is like going to the gym: you work on it, consistently and little by little, until you gradually get better at it and see results.

We loved interviewing her, so we hope that you get inspired by her work as much as we did in this episode. Basecs also has its very own podcast too which she recorded with Saron Yitbarek of Codenewbies! So make sure you check that out, too, if you'd like to listen to Vaidehi's beginner-friendly lessons. We also have an episode with Saron if you're curious about Codenewbies!

If you're more of a visual learner, she also has a video series that she made with peeps from! I know—so much content! They'll be releasing a new set of videos early 2019, so get ready.

If you're curious about, we also have an episode with Jess Lee, one of's co-founders!

It's a great time to learn about computer science thanks to Vaidehi's accessible, beginner-friendly content. What are you waiting for?