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Interesting things you might like

Hey, everyone!

I've been finding some good shit online, and I just wanted to share them with you.

Interesting books

Interesting podcasts

  • Still Processing: We’re Maxed Out, You’re Maxed Out, Everybody Is Maxed Out. In this podcast I learned that Ginuwine's Pony can be interpreted as a song about consent! Who knew? For real though if you're struggling with all the news that you've been hearing recently, this one is for you.
  • Code Switch: Members of Whose Tribe?. This one is about what it means to be jewish (especially in America) today. It’s something that I don’t know much about so I learned a bunch in this show. I used to be confused of whether being a jew meant: is it a religion or a race? So this episode goes deep in there.
  • Still Processing: BeyChella. Really enjoyed this podcast about BeyChella. Listening to people rave and dissect the whole performance gave me a better perspective of what happened there. This was super fun.
  • No, You Go Show: All In With Leah Culver. This was fun—especially the quote that Leah said: “I don’t know that I can actually do this. But I did! I just built it and everything I didn’t know how to do, I looked up on the internet or asked someone else for help.” Also did you know that she was the author of the OAuth spec?!

Other stuff

Hope you got something out of this post. 😊