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2017 In Review

I started a gratitude journal in 2017, and it's helped me be a lot calmer and appreciative of my day-to-day activities. Before that, I would get anxious about what I'm doing with my life because I don't take the time to examine the things that I actually do.

I love the format of my journal because it's short and easy to write: it's literally just a list. This makes it harder for me to make excuses not to write it. That takes me to this blog post: I've been procrastinating to write my thoughts about 2017, so I thought I'd write it the same way I've been writing in my journal.

  • Started Friends Talk Frontend: Technically it was Dec 26, 2016, but close enough right? We've released 24 episodes, and it's gotten 24k downloads so far. 2018 episodes will now include my buddy @Katherraptor as a co-host!
  • I was a guest on CodePen radio: I was super stoked about this. I've been a fan of CodePen and their podcast so being on their show was fucking insane.
  • Volunteered at the Appalachian trail: I've never done manual labor this intense before. It was carrying and smashing rocks from 8-5. It gave me an appreciation of how hard making trails can be.
  • Started taking on design projects at work: I can write about this in a separate post, but I'm glad that I'm getting a lot of experience in how websites are designed.
  • Traveling around the US: I sold and gave away most of my things, and I'm now backpacking around the US. Here's to month 5!
  • Got to raise money for Elaconf: I experienced that raising money is hard, but I'm glad that it went to a good cause.
  • Started doing online therapy: I've been talking to a therapist on Talkspace for half a year now, and it's one of the best investments I've ever made. Because of that, I'm more prepared to tackle struggles in life like anxiety and loneliness.
  • Still powerlifting: I was worried about not being able to do powerlifting while I travel, but thank god my coach offers online clients. It was fun seeing all the gyms around the US.

And that's it! Now it's time to live in 2018.