June 11, 2018

Learning the PICO-8

I've been programming for a while, but I've never really made any games myself. I've played around with Codea back in 2015, but I stopped and didn't get to learn how to make an actual playable game.

But a few days ago I ran into the PICO-8 (thanks to @BrianHall!) which got me excited because it's a platform that comes with a music editor, a sprite editor, and a map editor. It basically has everything! Plus what attracted me to it is the fact that you can compile your game to run on the web.

So I'm not writing this because I've finally figured out how to make games. This is just a log of what I've run into and what I've learned in the last weekend.

I learned how to create and animate sprites


One of the most fun things that I did was recreating one of the floating space capybaras in CAPY. It took a while, but I learned about timing and drawing cute capybaras.

I found that there are a lot of resources out there

I learned how similar it is to web development

My favorite way of learning is looking at examples, and browsers allow you to peek into the inner-workings of a website by using DevTools or viewing the page source.

The same goes for PICO-8 games. You can load up a game made by someone else and edit the code yourself!

I'd like to continue working on this!

I was playing around with the possiblity of making a little game about web programming, and I'm excited about it! Here's a little prototype that I got to make: