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Podcast Q&As

People have asked me a few questions about Friends Talk Frontend, so I thought I'd collect them all here!

Why start a podcast?

I've been keeping a blog where I share my experiences in tech, and I thought that it would be so much better if I could also share other people's experiences. It's also an excuse to talk to people that I look up to. 😛

Where do you find people to interview?

Most of the people that I interviewed (except for Alex Lash and Pam Selle, both of whom I know in real life) I've met (err, stalked?) through Twitter.

Why do you only chat with women?

I'm definitely going to be interviewing dudes in the near future, but when I started this I wanted to start with women (and to have more women in general) because there's just way too many men in tech. 👩‍💻

Have you met them before you interviewed them?

I've never met anyone IRL except for Alex and Pam.

How do you get people to your podcast?

I e-mailed or sent them a message on the bird site.

What's the future of the podcast?

More interviews? Yeah, not trying to make money off of it either.