August 8, 2018

Podcast Update: Part two with Jeremy Keith + Throwbacks

Hey, everyone!

We released the second part of our interview with Jeremy Keith. πŸŽ‰ You can download it on iTunes or on podcast stores near you.

Listen to our episode with Jeremy Keith

We've also been sharing some throwbacks on Twitter and Instagram to revisit some of our favorite clips. We've published some from the first few episodes so far, but we plan on publishing a lot more so stay tuned!

Helen V. Holmes

The very first episode was made back in December 2016! 😱 We talked about her drawings especially Fred the Dragon, how much we love Simone Giertz, and what it's like working on Firefox.

Listen to our episode with Helen V. Holmes

Joni (Bologna) Trythall

We talked about how CodePen changed her career, how her loading animations inspired me to tinker with animations, and what got her to create the SVG Pocket Guide (that's also read by Una Kravets!)

Listen to our episode with Joni Trythall

Alex Lash

Got to chat with my buddy here in Philly about Brad Frost's atomic design, some design issues on the iOS, and her wonderful illustrations.

Listen to our episode with Alex Lash

Rachel Smith

We talked about how she fell in love with frontend work, how much beer AndrΓ© the Giant could drink, and some creepy dudes back in college.

Listen to our episode with Rachel Smith

We have sooo many more episodes to go! I hope you had fun listening to these clips!