November 14, 2017

Rolling with the punches

The last week of traveling was rough.

  • While I was camping, I locked my keys in the trunk of my rental car. I had to call a locksmith to the campsite. That was $100 for a stupid mistake.
  • I got back to Salt Lake City and realized that I messed up my Airbnb booking! I accidentally booked next week instead of this week. I'm glad I was able to find another one just in time.
  • I wasn't able to shower all week.
  • Enterprise had a bunch of hidden costs that they don't say outright like not including insurance and the security deposit. I agreed to it anyway, and that messed with my budget. Next time maybe just use Turo or Zipcar.


It sucked but being able to see more or Utah was a fantastic experience. I don't really have a lesson for this though—just sharing my experiences. :)