July 27, 2018


I often make the mistake of equating productivity with self-worth, and that usually turns me into an anxious mess. I'm always looking for something to do—things to go to, things to make, and things to consume that I end up being burnt out.

I was just re-listening to a podcast called A Piece of Work (hosted by Abbi from Broad City!), and her guest Ahmir Thompson said:

But I just never dug the idea of isolation and silence. And you know, the danger in filling up all your time, especially now that we live in the age that we live in where like if you’re bored you’re first default move is to check your phone. “Ah, let me see my Facebook page. Ah let me see what’s on Huffington.”

You know. You gotta fill up your mind.

The problem with that is that there's an amount of silence that you need so that you can hear ideas that are given to you. I'll say that maybe like a year and a half ago I started ... I used to laugh at people that were meditating. I didn't realize how important silence is and that sort of thing. I'll say that as of now, maybe in the last three months, I've actually enjoyed being bored.

And that resonated with me a lot. I've been too addicted to the Internet and been so busy that I haven't really given myself the time to slow down and think. I find that I even have trouble reading tweets recently because I'm just too stressed about everything that I feel that my brain has simply given up.

So I'm trying to spend more time outside of the web. I know that I'm still technically doing something, but I do feel a bit more relaxed not sitting in front of a computer. (The irony of me making a blog post about it is not lost on me, though. 😂)

Recently I've been making dessert, taking care of plants, and sending letters to people. I've also started reading again and currently I'm reading Broad Band and finishing up Men Explain Things to Me. I highly recommend these two books.

Pictures of the books Broad Band and Men Explain Things to Me.