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Sometimes, less is more

"More" often feels good. In fact, "more" is something that we strive for all the time. We want to have more money, friends, confidence, strength, knowledge, RAM, cats, pasta—you name it! We want more of it. All of it. I mean, how else will you be successful and happy, right?

But in the world of frontend, sometimes striving to know as much as you can might not be the best route. Especially for your sanity. For example, I was just talking to Alex Lash and Rachel Smith about keeping up with the industry (specifically CSS Grid and React), and it's tough if not impossible to do! There's just a lot of stuff out there. Like, a lot.

So what can we do?

Just in time learning

I'm sure I stole the phrase "just in time learning" from someone, so I apologize if you invented it! But what really works for me and people that I've talked to is learning something when you need it.

I made the mistake of trying to learn as much as I can all in one go. I tried learning different languages and different frameworks without actually using them in any real-world project. You know what happened? I just forgot most of them. That's just how we humans learn. If you don't use it, you lose it. It just ends up being a waste of time.

Take it slow. Take it easy!

Another mistake I did was being impatient. I wanted to learn everything NOW! But, like a lot of good things, it takes time. There's no need to rush! If you can get a job / do your projects with the things that you already know, then you're good to go! Strive to learn, but don't get too intense about it or you're going to burn out.

This means more time for other things! So go out and have fun!