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The most dangerously useful skill you can learn

Is there a way for you to understand problems better? A way for you to understand what your client or boss wants out of a project? A way for you to come up with great solutions to all the things?


Here’s the secret: It’s asking.

One of the most important things that I learned this year was asking questions. I’ve always been the kind of person who would be too shy to ask for clarification because I was afraid of looking dumb. I didn’t also didn't want to bother anyone and I wanted to just figure things out myself.

Surprise! That doesn’t work well at all. You’ll end up missing out on a lot and you’ll end up assuming things by filling in the gaps in your knowledge.

So instead of thinking about it as wasting people’s time with questions, you can think about it as helping them. Because you are. The better you understand the better you can help. The better you can serve people.

Why is it dangerous? Because some people might think it’s rude. Because now you know how things work. Because now you are a badass.