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The Perfectionist Trap

I ran into this video the other day from The School of Life. If you have a few minutes to spare, it's totally worth watching:

I wish I saw this video a few years back when I was just starting to program. I think the world of programming is especially hard on people because we're promised that programming is easy yet we all feel that we'll never catch up to what's out there. To add to that, we see people succeeding all the damn time in Hacker News or on Reddit.

What gives?

Sometimes I hesitate to say that programming is hard because what's hard about it is not tangible. We're not making something from clay or steel or putting something on a wall. From the outside it just looks like we're sitting in front of a computer. And what could be hard about that? You're just typing stuff.

But it is tough. And it gets even harder when you start comparing yourself with strangers on the Internet.

So don't compare yourself with other people too much. Try to focus on just being better than your past self.