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Traveling around the US


For someone who grew up in a country that's smaller than California, the thought of traveling around the US for a year was pretty daunting. Questions like "Where am I going to live?", "Where am I going to work?", "How long will I be staying at a certain place?", "Am I going to get super lonely?", and "Am I going to get murdered?" haunted me. I was also dreading the fact that I needed to give away or sell most of my things. I won't have an apartment or a car so I needed to travel light.

It was rough trying to give away my books and clothes and stuff that I've collected over the years, but it felt good in the end. I kinda get now what Marie Kondo is saying about having fewer things.

I was also pretty worried about being consistent with doing podcasts, doing work, doing powerlifting, and eating well, but I'm happy to say that after three weeks I've been sort of ok with all of these.

It was just anxiety the whole way! A lot of that went away when I started the trip, though.


Colorado was the first place that I wanted to visit because I wanted to camp in the Rockies before it got too cold. And I'm pretty much enjoying it so far! On weekdays I stay in Denver to work, and I go out on adventures on weekends.

I also got to meet Internet friends Tim Holman and Kim Goulbourne in real life!

Camping wise I first stayed in a farm in Buena Vista, CO where my host Monika was super nice and super helpful about absolutely anything. She even gave me eggs for me to eat which were absolutely delicious. These chickens eat peanut butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, and steel-cut oats.


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Oh, this was the first time I saw the Milky Way as well! Also shooting stars! Aaaaaa!

Other places that I liked were Radium Springs and Nederland. Literally looks like something out of a postcard.

I've also been jumping between Couchsurfing and Airbnb over the last three weeks (I haven't been murdered yet!) and it's not bad at all! Such a good way to meet people.

Working out has been good too since there's an awesome gym here and my coach has been giving me a weekly Excel sheet to get swole. Let's do this!

Geting back to the grind 🙌

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Stay tuned for more shit!