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Waiting for the new year is bullshit

It's time to think about those resolutions! 2017 is right around the corner. This is usually the time when you're going to get your shit straight and turn into the kind of person that you want to be. You'll be eating right, going to the gym, and doing the things that you love.

But really when I say you, what I really mean is me.

I've fallen into the trap of waiting for an arbitrary date like the new year or my birthday to actually change. Well, maybe waiting is not the right word. I think procrastinating is a more apt description.

I know. It feels good to start the new year fresh, but I've been there way too many times. We all know that we'll usually taper off and regress to our old ways after two or three weeks.

Because in the end, it's just a date. In the end, the day when you start doesn't matter. You need to show up and do the work consistently. You need to build a habit.

You need to start now.

Do a little bit today and then do some more tomorrow. You got this.

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