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What should you be doing?

I was listening to an episode of The Rework Podcast while driving home last night, and at one point Jason Fried was asked: "Do you have a visualization of your future journey?". His answer was similar to a blog post that he wrote called Planning is Guessing:

Busting your ass planning something important? Feel like you can’t proceed until you have a bulletproof plan in place? Replace “plan” with “guess” and take it easy. That’s all plans really are anyway: guesses.

So next time you’re working on a business plan, call it a business guess. And that financial plan? It’s a financial guess. Strategic planning? Call it with it really is: a strategic guess. 5 year plan? You mean 5 year guess.

And I think that this is something that doesn't only apply to businesses but to our careers as well. Computing is such a big field that it's hard to figure out a plan on how to start and build your career. Take these questions for example:

  • Should designers learn how to code?
  • Should I learn how to use React or Vue?
  • Should I learn AR/VR?
  • Should I learn how to do animations?
  • Should I start learning 3D designs?

So, yeah. It's tough. And I don't have a good answer for it. But in my experience, I noticed that my career has been mostly driven by need and curiosity. Friends Talk Frontend is an example of that. I never planned on starting a podcast or even thought of myself as a host! I'm pretty much the anxious introvert type, and stuff like that was just waaaay out of my league. But I was curious: I wanted to know about what other web developers did in and outside of work—especially the ones that I look up to.

And right now I'm also learning about design because I get to be a part of a whole new process of learning about users and making something awesome for them.

So, yes. There is no map out there, but go ahead and make one anyway.