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Why you should be learning and teaching

Teaching was probably one of the hardest things for me to do because I just don't consider myself an expert at anything! There's not only a lot of stuff out there, but the stuff out there is also constantly changing.

I was afraid that people were going to think I was dumb for posting something that everybody already knew, posting something that a lot of people have already written about. What makes me so special anyway? Also, this is going to be on the Internet for everyone to see!

But you know what? Fuck that. I got soooo much more out of sharing my experiences online, and here's why I think you should be doing it too!

Teaching strengthens your knowledge

Teaching something really helps you question your assumptions about a subject. For example when I was writing my outline for CSS Animations for Beginners, I had to make sure I knew why an animation behaved in a certain way, why it currently looks a certain way, and I also had to figure out different ways of solving a problem.

So even if you think you already know something, it's likely that you're going to learn something new once you try teaching it.

You get to help future you

The best thing about writing down and sharing your knowledge is it not only helps other people who are stuck trying to solve a problem, but you're also helping future you. For example, I often visit my blog posts, my Pens, and my videos because I often forget how I did a certain thing.

I was talking to Joni Trythall, and that's basically how she got to writing Pocket Guide to Writing SVG and Flexbox Cheatsheet Cheatsheet. She also inevitably ends up re-reading the material she wrote!

You look good online

Now this might sound a bit superficial, but it's true! Putting your stuff out there and helping people helps build your reputation that you know your shit. This might help you get better clients / employers in the long run. One thing that I'd like to note is: don't make this your focus! It will show if you're just trying to win a popularity contest. Focus on helping people, and these will follow.

So here's your homework: Go start a blog! Share something—anything!