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You should totally hire me!

I'm Jag Talon, and I do web stuff. Maybe I can help you out!

✅ I do web design and development. From doing research all the way to finished product. I've had experience with building websites from the ground up that's totally custom made for you, but I can also dive into unfamiliar codebases.

✅ I love teaching and learning from people. I help people get better on this very website! I also run a little newsletter for peeps.

About me

I love learning. Recently I've been diving into Illustrator, lifting heavy shit, contributing to open source, and learning how to draw.

I once wrote a Scheme interpreter in JavaScript and won a programming contest. It was alright. #humblebrag

Let's talk!

Here's some of the love that I've received

I just want say how much I appreciate what your doing. I'm a newbie and your posts are saving my life daily!

- Jason via Twitter

Yeah man I want to read more of what your writing! felt the same in so many situations and basically given up learning to build code cuz of my experience. but what your writing about makes me feel less alone and want to try again

- J via Slack

I stumbled across you article on reddit web developer on “Thinking Small” and I wanted to say I really enjoyed it and gave me a sense of hope ... your article allowed me maybe rethink how I do things and work small each day instead ion trying to do things for a long period of time.

- Mike via Email

I am in web development for 15 years and I still sometimes fail to follow some of these rules.
With todays variety of technologies, frameworks and tools it is easy to become jealous and waste a lot of time and effort to get at least familiar with some of them. Great article! Thank you for reminding.

- Konstantin via Disqus

I got to work on some cool shit too!

Here are some of the things that I've built in the past. You might have used them before!

DuckDuckGo Extension Installation

After installing DuckDuckGo's extension on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, it will show a success page with confetti and a signup page to people. I worked on implementing it with a designer.


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I was tasked to do a redesign of the Developer Pages for DuckDuckGo which meant diving into the old codebase, isolating the necessary CSS, and modifying Xslate templates to reflect the new design ...

User Pages

At DuckDuckGo, we wanted to create a static page that shows what a developer has worked on and if there are issues assigned to the developer.

Syntax Highlighting

DuckDuckGo has a lot of information about programming, and that includes text snippets. When it comes to programming, syntax highlighting definitely things easier to read.

Stack Overflow

I worked on implementing the design of our Stack Overflow answer on DuckDuckGo: