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Yep, you’re gonna suck at it

A week ago I took a couple of jiu-jitsu classes because it was free, and I wanted to learn self-defense. Also, it was free. Jiu-jitsu reminded me that knowing something is soooo much different from actually doing it in “the real world”.

So the first half of the class is dedicated to learning a technique: the instructor does something and you practice and follow along. Easy enough, right? Now the second part of the class is where things go to shit. You now have to apply what you’ve learned so far to pin, choke, or submit an opponent. Guess how many times I’ve won? Zero. Guess how many times someone much lighter and much younger than me kicked my butt? So many times. With ease.

And this is likely to happen in the weeks and months to come. I got a taste of some of that humble pie.

But that’s ok! Because bridging that gap from knowledge to application is hard—the real world is a messy place! You’ve probably noticed this with programming as well. You just went through a course like Codecademy, and now you’re thinking: What’s next? What can I make? What can I do with the stuff that I know now?

I just want to tell you that it’s going to be tough, but you need to keep at it! Consistency is 🔑.

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